Roman Aqueduct at Pamplona City in Navarra, Spain

Roman Aqueduct at Pamplona City in Navarra, Spain

Guide to Navarra

Navarra is a region in Northern Spain that is bordered by The Basque Country, Aragon, La Rioja and France
There are many different areas to visit in Navarra. In the north part of Navarra you will find Montana (mountain Zone) and Pirineos de Navarra (Pyrenees of Navarre) where there are many mountains. This is the known as the "basque" and "green" Navarra where in many of the villages and small towns the language spoken is basque and their weather is more continental. The northern part is bordered with the Basque Country and France.
Picture of Navarra Spain
The most populated area of Navarra is the Comarca de Pamplona (Pamplona metropolitan area). In fact, almost half of the people of Navarra live here and in Pamplona, Barañáin and Burlada. This is known as an urban area in the centre of Navarra.

The more historic part of Navarra is Tierra Estella (Estella Land) and has many medieval towns and monuments. This is the way to Santiago, with the most important towns being Puente La Reina, Estella, and Viana. Zona Media, which translated means centre area, is a transition area between the mountain zone and the southern zone. There are interesting historic towns like Olite, which was the capital of the Kingdom of Navarre, and has a beautiful Palace come Castle. Other historic towns to see are Andosilla, Ujue, Tafalla, and San Martín de Unx.

Heading to the southern part of Navarra and you will come across Ribera de Navarra. This is the only area that was occupied by the Muslims who originally founded Tudela, which is the capital of this zone and known as the second city of Navarre. It is a well known and important area of agriculture in Navarre and Spain.

Everyone has heard of Pamplona, which was made famous by Ernest Hemmingway in ‘The Sun Also Rises.’ Pamplona hosts the festival of San Fermin, where you can watch with the running of the bulls (el Eecierro) if you are around during the second week in July.
Tudela Navarra Spain
The second largest city in Navarra is Tudela, with its population just under 40,000 people. Tudela is 94 km from Pamplona and is linked by a good highway. There are good connections by either train or bus. Here you will also find a beautiful cathedral from the Gothic and Romanic period.

Pamplona has a small airport which connects with Barcelona and Madrid with regular flights. You can also get connections to other cities such as Lisbon. 

Map of  Navarra

Map of Navarra
Quick facts
President   Miguel Sanz
Land Area %  4,012 sq mi
Population  620,337
Parliament  Cortes Generales

Spain Public Holidays

All Saints` Day
Virgen de la Almudena

Constitution Day
Immaculate Conception
Christmas Day
St. Stephen's Day
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