Santiago de Compostella Cathedral, Spain, UNESCO

Santiago de Compostella Cathedral, Spain, UNESCO

Guide to Galicia

Galicia is a self ruling community in Spain, with many attractions and sights to see during your visit. The capital is Santiago de Compostela, and the largest city is Vigo.
Picture of Galicia Spain
You should bear in mind when visiting that Galicians have a unique perception regarding their settlement pattern and surroundings. For example, there are some 317 concellos (municipalities) in Galicia of which 53 are small regions called comarcas.

However, to simplify things, there are four main provinces in Galicia, Pontevedra, A Coruña/La Corunña, Ourense/Orense and Lugo.
If you like seafood and fish, Galicia is definitely the place to visit, since Galicia is by itself a world fishing power.

Did you know almost half the mussels in the world are from here? Be warned, when Galicians eat meat, they eat the whole of the animal, everything! The best dishes to try here would be Caldo galego, which would be best described as a poor man’s stew, it is useful for combating the cool dampness of the region. Empanada is similar to a mixture of a pizza and a meatcake. Bacallau ao alvariñois a delicious cod dish that is well worth trying and Polvo à feira is octopus with oil, salt and hot paprika. Definitely the best octopus you will find.
Churros Galicia Spain
Galicia has lots of mouthwatering deserts too; churros are very common throughout the region and in Santiago de Compostela. This is a cake with the Galician Cross drawn into the icing.

In Galicia there are three international airports, Vigo, Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña. The main airport is in the capital, Santiago de Compostela. Lavacolla airport connects Galicia with many European cities, such as London, Rome, Frankfurt, Dublin and Liverpool.

You can also fly to and from Paris and London from Vigo Airport and London and Lisbon from A Coruña Airport.

Map of  Galicia

Map of Galicia
Quick facts
President   Alberto Núñez Feijóo
Land Area %  11,418.7 sq mi
Population  2,796,089
Parliament  75 Deputies

Spain Public Holidays

Our Lady of the Rosary
Virgen del Rosario
Dia de Communidad
Hispanic Day
National Day

All Saints` Day
Virgen de la Almudena
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