Panorama of Barcelona - Catalonia

Panorama of Barcelona - Catalonia

Guide to Catalonia

Catalonia is a self ruling region in the northeast of Spain which is home to the famous city of Barcelona. Catalonia borders Andorra, France and the Mediterranean Sea, with Spanish regions Aragon to the west and Valencia to the south.
Barcelona catalonia Spain
The most popular city in Catalonia is Barcelona, a beautiful vibrant city well worth a visit. Other cities of interest would be Girona. This is a quaint old town close to the Costa Brava, boasting an impressive Jewish quarter.

Lleida has an impressive cathedral and is within easy reach of the Pyrenees Mountains. Tarragona is close to Costa Dorada with nice beaches. Tarragona used to be the capital in Roman times. Finally, visit Figueres where you will find the Dalí museum.

There are many things to see and do in Catalonia, with hundreds of "festes" that take place every week. "festes" are more like ritual celebrations that have been practiced for over 700 years. They are staged by the locals for their own enjoyment, and not for any monetary interest. During the “festes” you will see some amazing sights involving Human Castles, Devils, Giants, and colorful processions. The “festes” are not publicized much to tourists, but you can book tours through ‘culTOURa’, as they aim to show tourists all of Catalonia.

Due to Catalonia’s geographical location, mountains and rocky coastlines, it has a huge variety of bird life, with a whopping 95% of Iberia’s recorded bird species and 50% of the whole Pale arctic’s. Catalonia has become a real haven for bird lovers hoping to see species like the Black Woodpecker, Bonelli’s Eagle, Lammergeier, Dupont’s Lark, Wallcreeper Lesser, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Grey Shrike, Little Bustard, Audouin’s Gull amongst others.
The Purenees Catalonia Spain
Sites to visit would be Barcelona’s Llobregat Delta, Cap de Creus, the Parc de Garraf and of course The Pyrenees. There are many tour guides that will organize trips for you.

You will find many great places to eat in Catalonia, during lunch times, 13 until 15, many of the Bars and Restaurants offer Menú del dia (Menu of the day), which usually consist of a choice of starters and main courses including wine and bread at a reasonable price.

Barcelona’s airport, el Prat, is around 10 km to the city center, and with a choice of low cost airlines, you can fly there at a very reasonable price.
Barcelona Airport Catalonia Spain
The airport is serviced by a number of operators including BMI, Easy Jet, Virgin Air, Volare and My Travel Lite.

Other airports in Catalonia are Girona, which is north of Barcelona, near the Costa Brava. Both Ryanair and British Airways fly to the newly refurbished airport.

Map of  Catalonia

Map of Catalonia
Quick facts
President   Artur Mas (CiU)
Land Area %  12,399.3 sq mi
Population  7,504,881
Parliament  135 deputies

Spain Public Holidays

Our Lady of the Rosary
Virgen del Rosario
Dia de Communidad
Hispanic Day
National Day

All Saints` Day
Virgen de la Almudena
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