Mills province of Castilla de la Mancha. Spain. Panorama

Mills province of Castilla de la Mancha. Spain. Panorama

Guide to Castilla La Mancha

Castilla La Mancha is known as the land of fairytale castles with famous wine, windmills and vast plains in this central part of Spain. Of course, Castilla La Mancha was made famous by the best selling book, Miguel Cervantes by Don Quixote.
Castilla La Mancha Spain
Manchego, Spain’s best cheese, is made here and the region has the world’s biggest vineyard. Even after the worldwide acclaim from the book, Castilla La Mancha has stayed considerably untouched by commercialism. Most tourists visit to see the real Spain, a far cry from the Costa del Sol or Canary Islands.
Surprising, this sleepy village is about to wake up, with the building of a new Las Vegas style leisure and gambling complex. It was certainly an extremely ambitious project that has placed a lot of focus on a region barely known other than from a 400 year old book. The complex is home to a 50,000 square foot casino, as well as a luxury 850 room hotel, a 3,000 seat theatre, a shopping mall with famous brands and a 30,000 square foot spa centre. The complex was built by the American entertainment guru Harrah’s who operate many luxury casinos including Caesars palace.
Toledo castilla La Mancha spain
For those travelers wanting to see the old traditional Spain, visit the regional capital city, Toledo. This is a huge monument which is a World Heritage site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). The place is a magnificent concoction of medieval buildings, winding streets, ancient city walls and Moorish mosques. The famous painter El Greco had a home here and that is now a museum of work that you can visit.

The windmills at Castilla La Mancha are definitely worth a visit, as is Dulcinea’s house which is in Toboso.
Windmills castilla La Mancha Spain
You can see the 16th century house in Esquivias where Cervantes is said to have written some of his work. There are many castles to see, most of them dating back to the Moorish times. So if you visit Castilla La Mancha you will never be short of things to do and things to see.

Over the few years, accessibility has improved due to the introductions of low cost airlines flying to Villanubla. There are other airports within the region, Leon and Burgos. The main airport bordering Madrid, Barajas is not too far and offers public transport to and from the airport.

Map of  Castilla La Mancha

Map of Castilla La Mancha
Quick facts
President   José María Barreda Fontes
Land Area %  15.7% of Spain
Population  2,095,855
Parliament  Cortes Generales

Spain Public Holidays

All Saints` Day
Virgen de la Almudena

Constitution Day
Immaculate Conception
Christmas Day
St. Stephen's Day
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