Bay of Santander Skyline , Cantabria

Bay of Santander Skyline , Cantabria

Guide to Cantabria

Cantabria is a Spanish province in a self ruling community. Its capital, Santander, is the biggest town with many interesting features to visit. Cantabria belongs to Green Spain, this name derives from the its oceanic climate which means the weather only slightly varies throughout the year giving warm summers and mild winters.
Picos De Europa Cantabria Spain
Cantabria has many archaeological sites from the upper Paleolithic periods and these are an absolute must to visit. The Picos de Europa is a firm tourist favourite with beautiful limestone and high slopes and dangerous gorges. The Picos is an ideal destination if you like trekking, bird watching, mountaineering or walking.

If you are a cheese lover, visit the green valleys where you can sample cabrales, the local blue cheese. You will find many prehistoric caves including the well known Altamira and there are some lesser known caves, which are shown on the maps as grey stars. You can find over ten rivers in this region that come from the Cantabrian Sea, Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. Cantabria is smaller than the American state of Connecticut, but has sevewn national parks for you to explore.

You will find lots of hotels in the capital, suiting everyone’s price range from budget accommodation to the 5 star luxury.
Santander catabria Spain
You will find fantastic local food here, including Cocido Montañés, which is a typical Cantabrian stew made with beans and greens. Seafood is also very popular as are the meats of ox, deer and boar. The classic desserts of Frisuelor are similar to crêpes, and the polkas taste just like puff pastry. The local liquor, Orujo, is made of pomace, which are the solid remains from fruits like grapes or olives after the juice has been extracted.

Try Zacarias in Santander, a local restaurant that prides itself on regional specialties. Stroll down any one of the main roads of any of the towns, and you will find a local bakery with sweet treats affordable prices.

The airport in Santander is located in the municipality of Camargo, just 5 kilometers from the capital. Santander is an international airport welcoming flights from Europe including budget flights from the UK’s Stansted Airport with Ryan Air. Passengers through the airport are fewer than 1,000,000 a year but are steadily increasing.

Map of  Cantabria

Map of Cantabria
Quick facts
President   Miguel Ángel Revilla Roiz
Land Area %  1.05% of Spain
Population  591,886
Parliament  Cortes Generales

Spain Public Holidays

All Saints` Day
Virgen de la Almudena

Constitution Day
Immaculate Conception
Christmas Day
St. Stephen's Day
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