Spain Old Town, Bilbao

Spain Old Town, Bilbao

Guide to Basque Country

The Basque Country in the North of Spain is a mass of green hills, low roof-lines, and brightly coloured fishing villages.

Bilbao basque country Spain
This is where you can find the once industrial city of Bilbao, which has been reborn as an art and architectural village.

Santander was at one time the main seaport for the Old Castile in the Bay of Biscay, in a area full of mountains lodged between the Asturias and the Basque Country.

Santander Basque Country Spain
You can find cool summer beaches in Santander with beautiful mountainous views. The semi self ruling Basque Country, with its rainy, jagged coastline, is a cultural and national place in the Spanish state.

Navarra is sometimes referred to as ‘Basque in the Pyrenees’ and you will find Spain’s wine country in La Rioja, squeezed between the Ebro River and the Sierra de la Demand. The Basques are renowned for competition and it is said they will bet on anything that has numbers and moves.

San Sebastian is a big city lying in the Basque Region and is in the same region as the Monte Urgull, lgueldo and Ulía, whilst the river Urumea runs through the middle.
San Sebastian Basque Country Spain
San Sebastian is a beautiful beach resort, with pristine white sand. The town is modern and cosmopolitan where trees line the large streets as well as being picturesque. There is a wonderful fishing port not to be missed where excellent Spanish restaurants compete with each other for business serving excellent local Tapas known as "Pintxos".

In the same area will come across the city’s oldest two churches, the Santa Maria Baroque Church and the Gothic Church of San Vicente.

The beach in La Concha is beautiful and well worth a visit. It creates an enchanting view point from the city tumbling down to the Bay of Biscay. Add this to the Island of Santa Clara and lgueldo and the Montes Urgull, it makes a bay of obvious beauty. Vitoria is another village located in the middle of the Basque Country some 66km south of Bilbao, 114 km from San Sebastian and 351 km from Madrid.

Bilbao airport is one of the most outstanding renovations, which is quickly seeing Bilbao moving with the times and enticing tourists. The airport is just 12 kilometres from the Biscay capital, in the municipality of Loiu.

Bilbao airport has dealt with the consistent increase in traffic over the last few years, which is mainly domestic traffic. Further improvements are being carried out at the airport In order to improve airport operations.

Map of  Basque County

Map of Basque Country
Quick facts
President   Patxi López
Land Area %  7,234 km2
Population  2,155,546
Parliament  75 deputies

Spain Public Holidays

All Saints` Day
Virgen de la Almudena

Constitution Day
Immaculate Conception
Christmas Day
St. Stephen's Day
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