Sunset view of the northern slopes of Tendenera Mountains in the Valley of Tena, Pyrenees, Huesca, Aragon, Spain

Sunset view of the northern slopes of Tendenera Mountains in the Valley of Tena, Pyrenees, Huesca, Aragon, Spain

Guide to Aragon

Aragon’s capital, Zaragoza is one of the most visited places in the region because it is situated on the main routes between Madrid and Barcelona.

Aragon offers amazing scenery, great places to stay, good weather and variety and is a haven for walking enthusiasts. Serious walkers will look forward to seeking out some of the unexplored valleys in the Aragon Pyrenees.
Jota aragon Spain
In Aragon you truly have the best of both worlds, with further scope to explore areas still untouched by tourism. Add the ancient Romanesque, Gothic and Mudejar churches to your places to see when you arrive.

There are many popular festivals and fiestas in Aragon, where the Jota (traditional dance) signifies any festive occasion. The Day of Aragon falls on the 23rd April, and if you are visiting Aragon at this time of year you will see the various festivities and carnivals. Aragon is deeply traditional, which makes it all that more beautiful.

In any village or town, at any time of the year, there will be some festive events that anyone can take part in.

For those of you who are fans of hiking or skiing, you can visit the Pyrenees or the rarely explored mountains down in the south of Aragon. Visit the Pyrenean valleys and you will see sword dances, which are still often performed.


Zaragoza aragon spainIt is a city vibrant with customs and culture. Few tourists find their way to this big and sometimes lively city, with ¾ of Aragon’s population living here. As well as some enthralling historic sights and its closeness to the central Pyrenees, you will find excellent restaurants serving Aragonese food.


Huesca Aragon Spain
The second biggest city of Aragon, Huesca, lies at the foot of the Pyrenees. The city is very picturesque where you can stroll through the streets of the old town visiting museums and sightseeing that tell of the long history of Huesca.


Jaca Aragon SpainFrom the provincial capital, Huesca, you can easily reach the town of Jaca by bus or train. The town of Jaca has an interesting cathedral and an extensive citadel and is just a short distance to the mountains which provide a great attraction for visitors.

Zaragoza airport is located south west of the city; just 10 km from the city centre and is a joint civil military aerodrome. In February this year, the airport opened a new passenger terminal which will now make it possible to efficiently welcome the increased traffic that is expected in the coming years.

Map of  Aragon

Map of Argon
Quick facts
President   Marcelino Iglesias Ricou
Land Area %  9.4% Spain
Population  1,277,000
Parliament  Cortes Generales
Website  Cortes Generales

Spain Public Holidays

All Saints` Day
Virgen de la Almudena

Constitution Day
Immaculate Conception
Christmas Day
St. Stephen's Day
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