Fishing in Spain

Fishing in Spain

Fishing has been a way of life for many communities in Spain. Over the centuries villages sprung up all along the coastline and their inhabitants relied on eating fish to survive.
Fishing from Rocks Spain
Today Spain has some excellent freshwater course fishing opportunities in rivers and lakes, as well as sea fishing along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast. The seas are full of tasty fish such as bream and mullet but you will probably need some local knowledge to stand a hope of catching them.

Spain also has some good rivers where you can fly fish for trout. The Pyrenees mountain region is particularly good for trout fishing. The rainbow trout was introduced to Spain in 1977 and is a protected species now. Whichever kind of fishing you are into, you can go on your own or as part of a tour package.

Fishing in different regions of Spain

Fishing in Spain is very varied. Not only are there many places to fish but there are many types of fishing and you can fish with bait, fish underwater with a spear gun.
or even fish from a kayak. There are catfish available to catch on the River Ebro. Salmon enter 26 different rivers around Cantabria and Galicia. On the Costa Brava you can catch pike in Lake Banyols. Around the Amadorio Dam of the Costa Blanca you can catch black bass and other fish.
Fishing Spain
Meanwhile there are more than 60 fishing reserves to be found within nature reserves like in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Some of these waters are free to fish, others are restricted and require a permit and there are also fisheries to which you can buy a permit at the shops near the lake.

If you sea fish off the south coast at the end of the summer there are swordfish to be found off the coast of Granada and the Bay of Cadiz.

Catch giant carp

You can catch giant carp at a lake known as the Orellana in the Extremadura region. Lake Orellana was created in 1961 when a dam was placed over the River Guadiana. The lake has only really been fished properly over the last ten years and remained something of a secret within Spain. That means that you are likely to have a fantastic fishing trip here. There are over 37 kilometres of flood plains all filled with carp and so your chances of catching – without having to bump into another fisherman – are high. 70 pound plus carp give you one hell of a fight and will provide a story worthy of telling to the grandkids if you catch one.
Giant carp Spain
These wild carp are not just isolated but roam the lake in huge shoals giving you a higher chance of getting a bite. There are many fishing packages to this lake which include flights and all the bait and tackle. You will get airport transfers as well as four by four vehicles. Bivvy fishing is just one of the special packages on offer.

Night fish for barbell

Alternatively you can go barbell fishing along the River Guadiana which has some of the biggest barbell in Europe. These fish can get up to 40 pounds so expect a real struggle trying to land them. Barbell feed more actively at night than during the day and you can choose whether you want a day fishing or a night fishing package. Cooking facilities are on hand so that you can eat your catch and groceries can be provided too.

Licence requirements

Licences vary from region to region. For instance, to get fly fishing permits for the Riviera de Rio Frio, try the Alberge de Pescadores de Rio Frio, 18300 Loja, Granada. They can be contacted on 0034 958 32 31 77. If you are fishing for trout you will need a licence with a trout supplement. The trout season runs from the beginning of March until the end of August.
A licence should cost you no more than 12 Euros. Licences are available from the administrative department of the fishing office. For help filling out the fishing licence forms ask at your nearest bait or tackle shop. The Spanish Tourist Office can also be of assistance.

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