Camping in Spain

Although many people tend to think of Spain as barren and hot, the temperatures vary greatly around this huge country and there are many forests and woodland areas. That makes Spain ideal for camping.

How do you choose your camp site?

There are thousands of camp sites in Spain so whichever region you end up going to it should not be a problem finding somewhere to pitch your tent. These camp sites stretch all the way from Oviedo in the north down to Cadiz in the south and along both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. That said you will get cheaper rates if you book ahead. You can also use a campsite if you have a mobile home, while there are some chalets and bungalows available to rent at good prices within the camp site grounds. Those with mobile homes will also be pleased to now that some camp sites offer special areas where they can get the vehicles serviced.
Camp Sites In Spain
Just like hotels camp sites are graded with a star rating, the most basic being one star and the best being four star.
There are also various different types of camp sites. Some are located within the grounds of a farm, which always makes for a nice setting. For those who really want to get close to nature there are Naturist (nudist) camp sites. These camp sites can be booked through the Spanish Naturist Federation. 

What do you need to bring when camping in Spain?

Nudists have more reason than most to worry about the effects of the Spanish sun. But all campers should be aware that sun cream and water are two essentials. Getting badly burnt at the beginning of the holiday is a mistake that many Europeans commonly make.
Camping In Spain
Obviously in a country which gets extremely hot like Spain, forest fire prevention is very important. Never leave an unmanned flame or toss away a lit cigarette butt. You would be shocked at how quickly fires can spread in this part of the world and it is much easier to prevent them than to put them out.

Booking your camping

There are many websites which allow you to book camp sites in Spain. You can choose tents for one person or a whole family. Spain has strict laws on camping and it is illegal to camp in non designated areas so as long as you follow the guidelines you will have a great time.

Spain PublicHolidays

Running of the Bulls
Death of El Cid
Galicia National Day
Santiago Day
St. James Day


Fiesta de la Colmena
St. Lawrence Day
Assumption Day
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