South Pacific Car Hire

Car Hire in the South Pacific

The South Pacific region is an exciting place to travel to, full of gorgeous islands as well as the huge continent of Australia. Tourists are drawn to the great natural beauty of this part of the world where the cartoon idyll of a deserted island is still a reality.

No where sums this up better than Fiji which has hundreds of uninhabited islands ringed by white sandy beaches and warm waters.
Fiji is certainly one of the safest parts of the world to travel in, although it wasn’t so long ago that islanders here practised cannibalism. Also you may not want to go between thee months of November and April when there is a chance of cyclones occurring.

If you want to get to the Fiji islands by plane you should look for flights with the airlines Air New Zealand and Air Pacific. Taking an inter island boat is also one of the most pleasurable ways of travelling through this tropical paradise.

Halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii you can visit the South Pacific island of Samoa, actually made up of two volcanic islands covered by verdant greenery. The Samoan islands of Upolo and Savai’i both have a wonderful tropical climate and are surrounded by beautiful blue waters. Faleolo is the main airport in Samoa.

The archipelago of Tonga Islands are known as the friendly islands and the welcoming people and stunning landscape mean that Tonga is definitely worth visiting.

The Solomon Islands are a British Protectorate (their national anthem is God Save the Queen) and Honiara on Guadalcanal Island is the capital of the Solomon Islands.

Discovered by the explorer Captain James Cook, the archipelago Cook Islands have a strong affiliation with nearby New Zealand and many residents of Maori descent. These 15 islands in Polynesia are right in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean and the largest of them is Rarotonga. Heading south from the Cook Islands you would only reach Antarctica.

The Polynesian island of Easter Island is one of the most astounding parts of the South Pacific and has been designated as a World Heritage Site. This is because the Rapa Nui National Park is home to the giant heads carved out of stone by the Rapa Nui tribe thousands of years ago. Groups of these heads decorate Easter Island which is an extinct volcano. The island has had a strange history to say the least as all the trees have been removed from it by the islanders, who in turn were wiped out by a series of Peruvian raids in the 19th century.

Of more than 100 islands which make up French Polynesia, Tahiti is the biggest and its 130,000 or so inhabitants are all of Polynesian descent. The friendliness of the people here and the laid back way of life make it a perfect holiday destination while the beauty of Tahiti is ideal for couples on their honeymoon. Arriving into Tahiti by plane you will come into Faa’a international airport where car hire is available for a good price.

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