Kosice Weather

Kosice Weather Overview:
Kosice’s weather is one of extremes with hot summers and very cold snowy winters. Spring quickly turns into summer whilst the heat of summer lingers on late into autumn.
All Time Highs and Lows:
In 2003, July 16th saw a temperature of 39.8C in the city whilst seven years later in the harsh European winter of 2010, the thermometers measured a low of -23.2C.

Weather Science:
Kosice has a continental climate according to Koppen, the climate classification scale. This brings snowy, cold winters but in summer, long periods of hot weather punctuated by violent thunderstorms.

The Seasons:

Spring: The cold of winter takes a long time to clear Kosice and March can still see plenty of snowfall and an average temperature of only around 5C. As soon as April comes, the chance of snowy days becomes more limited and temperatures rise along with the number of sunshine hours. May has temperatures often in the 70s but the number of days on which you’ll see rain is one of the highest of the year.

Summer: In the summer the city bakes in temperatures often over 30C. Whilst the daytime can see wall to wall sunshine, during late afternoon and evening, the heat and humidity can bring on thunderstorms with short bursts of heavy rain. The next morning almost always starts bright and clear though!

Autumn: September and October can be beautiful months in which to visit Kosice. September has equivalent temperatures to May but they feel warmer as the city and the land has absorbed the heat of summer. Even October sees temperatures around seventy on many days and it’s not until November that the warm weather finally runs out of steam.

Winter: You’ll need to wrap up warm for the three months of winter. Temperatures rarely rise above freezing and there is copious snowfall. Often the temperature can drop to -10C or less when the wind comes from the northeast and with short days and few sunshine hours, the city can take on a gloomy look.

Best Time to Visit:
Kosice is wonderful in May or September. In both months you’ll find warm sunshine and still be able to avoid the school holiday crowds. In May the city is vibrant with flowers whilst in the autumn, the harvest is taking place in the countryside around the city.