Bratislava Weather

Bratislava Weather Overview:
Bratislava’s climate is typical of a city in central Europe with cold winters and hot summers. The city is known for being windy and in recent years winters have been less severe with a rapid transition between winter and summer.
All Time Highs and Lows:
The lowest temperature seen in Bratislava was -22.3C seen in the winter of 2009 whilst the highest temperature experienced was 36.6C during the Europe-wide heatwave in 2003.

Weather Science:
Bratislava has a typically continental climate but one that is moderated by its location north of the Mediterranean and exposed to westerly winds from western Europe. Described as having a moderate continental climate by Koppen, its summers don’t suffer the extremes seen by many inland cities and its winters are milder that you would expect too.

The Seasons:

Spring: March is considered the first spring month and is a definite improvement on February. Whilst temperatures may not get much above 9 or 10C, the lengthening days and reduced amount of snowfall is a signal of better things to come. April is a pleasant month but it’s in May that you’ll know that summer’s on its way as temperatures hit the mid to high 70s and there’s abundant sunshine.

Summer: Summers in Bratislava can be very hot with temperatures often passing the 90f mark. High temperatures in this part of the world set off electrical storms and these are accompanied by heavy rain giving a false impression of this, Bratislava’s wettest season. Most happen in the evening or at night and your time there won’t be spoilt.

Autumn: September and October can be surprisingly good months to visit the city and certainly September, when temperatures are still in the upper seventies but with less risk of storms. Towards the end of the season, the portents of winter have arrived with temperatures in single figures and occasional snow in November.

Winter: Throughout the winter months, snow and freezing conditions are the norm although in recent years the snow has been less heavy and has melted sooner. Expect January and February still to be below freezing on almost every day and early in the season, thick freezing fogs blanket the city.

Best Time to Visit:
Bratislava is surely most beautiful in late spring. The weather is settled and warm enough not to need coats and rainfall levels are still quite low. September is another good time to visit for the same reasons.