Scandinavia Car Hire

Scandinavia Car Hire

Scandinavia is a large but relatively sparsely populated region of northern Europe which contains the countries of Iceland, Norway Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

The name Scandinavia comes from the Skandage piece of water that lies between Sweden, the Jutland Peninsula of Demark and Norway. Technically Scandinavia only encompasses these three countries but in the term is often used to refer to an area of Nordic Europe.

Famous for fjords, the northern lights, glaciers, islands, waterfalls and lakes, Scandinavia is an immensely beautiful place to visit no matter whether you go there in the winter or summer months.

Car Hire Iceland is the best way to see this huge Scandinavian country and discover more about its volcanic origins which created the geysers that the Icelandic people love to bathe in. One of the most popular of these thermal outdoor spas is known as the Blue Lagoon and has milky white water despite sitting in a lava field. The Blue Lagoon is conveniently situated close to Iceland’s international airport which is known as KeflavĂ­k.

The mountainous island of Iceland sits in the north Atlantic Sea and large parts of it are unpopulated meaning that having a car is the most rewarding way to get out into some spectacular countryside. Whether you plan on going to Iceland’s trendy (and expensive) capital Reykjavik to see the colourful houses and chill out in a hot pot with the locals, or exploring the glaciated mountainous interior, Iceland has something for everyone.

Heading directly east from Iceland you will come to Norway, a long slip of a country which is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean. Norway, which used to be an old Viking Kingdom, has the distinction of being the Northernmost, Westernmost and Easternmost of the Scandinavian countries.

You will definitely want to take advantage of Car Hire Norway so that you can check out the varied scenery and famous fjords. Certainly no trip to Norway would be complete without going to the amazing Geirangerfjord which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like Iceland you will not find Norway crowded as there are about 70,000 square meters of land for every member of their population of almost five million people.

Many people come to Norway to ski and if that is your plan you may wish to request a four by four vehicle which has a ski rack, snow tires and snow chains before you arrive. You can pick up your Rhino rental car upon arrival at Oslo Gardermoen Airport which is located 60 kilometres to the north of Norway’s capital city Oslo.

Oslo is a stunning city which has some incredible architecture which is both old and modern. It is symptomatic of the whole of Norway a country with a unique architecture that includes many wooden churches.

The largest of the Scandinavian countries is Sweden and there are many places there where you can collect your Rhino hire car. One of the most popular pick up points is at Stockholm Arlanda airport which offers flights with most major airlines to many world wide destinations. Stockholm is considered to be Scandinavia’s unofficial capital city, though this claim is hotly disputed by the residents of Copenhagen in Demark.

Car hire Sweden gives you the freedom to travel the country at your leisure. You may wish to stay in the south of Sweden where the driving distances are not too expansive between Gotaland and Svealand, or you may choose to go to Norrland, the north of the country and an area resplendent with rivers, forests and mountains. Although Swedish is the main language of Sweden the majority of people there speak English, and some German and Finnish are spoken too.

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