Constanta Weather

Constanta Weather Overview:
Constanta is a coastal port city with an accompanying 13km beach. Being located on the Black Sea coast it has a less harsh continental climate than the inland cities. Winters are mild although snow can be expected through the winter months whilst summers get hot and humid but are tempered by the sea.
All Time Highs and Lows:
July 2007 saw the highest temperature ever recorded of 38.5C whilst February 2009 saw a low of -25C, both temperatures being highly unusual for the city.

Weather Science:
Constanta is said by Koppen to have a moderate continental climate but one which is tempered by the effect of the Black Sea which, by storing the summer heat, delays the onset of winter. It also has some sub-tropical influences from the south by virtue of its geographical position.

The Seasons:

Spring: Spring begins quite coolly with temperatures well above the sub-zero temperatures of February but because the sea is quite cold at this time of year, they don’t rise substantially until May. March can still have significant snowfall but by May this has been transformed into rain where early summer will have the most rainy days in this month and the highest level of precipitation for the year.

Summer: Summer is glorious in Constanta with reducing rainfall as the season progresses. The temperatures hover around 85f by day with eleven hours of sunshine but nights can be quite humid and sleep difficult. The city’s summers are getting warmer with the four hottest on record occurring in the 21st century.

Autumn: September and October tend to continue the theme of the summer as the Black Sea stores the summer heat, releasing it slowly, extending the warmth of summer into the beginning of November. It’s not until November that the number of rainy days increases and two inches of snow can be expected.

Winter: Winters can be very changeable, especially at the start. December can have temperatures of up to 12C or alternatively can see up to three inches of snow. Average temperatures are more likely to be around 3C and the daily sunshine levels drop to around two and a half a day. Winters can have very windy days too with storms coming in off the Black Sea making going out quite unpleasant.

Best Time of Year to Visit:
We’d recommend late spring or the autumn for a visit to Constanta. The weather isn’t too oppressively hot and you’ll get plenty of sunshine. It’s then that it’s the best time to enjoy the beach and see the sights without the crowds of summer.