Bucharest Weather

Bucharest Weather Overview:
Bucharest can suffer extremes of weather with temperatures of over 40C recorded in summer whilst -20C has been seen in winter. It gets windy in winter because of its position on the Romanian Plain. Summer can see long periods of settled hot weather but regular thunderstorms are set off by the high temperatures.
All Time Highs and Lows:
The hottest temperature that Bucharest has enjoyed was 42.3C in the summer of 2003 whilst its lowest of -21.6C was suffered in February 2010.

Weather Science:
Bucharest’s geographical location means that it lies on the boundary of two climatic zones; continental from the north and east and subtropical from the south and west. It’s a windy city although the wind is broken by the buildings of the city.

The Seasons:

Spring: March can be warm or cold and history has seen an average of four inches of snow in the month whilst at other times it has been bathed in temperatures in the seventies. By the time May is finished, the city really is in the first throes of summer and temperatures will have risen into the seventies regularly whilst sunshine hours are twice that of March.

Summer: Summers are hot with nine hours of sunshine each day on average and temperatures into the 80s and 90s on most days. During heatwaves, 100f is often tested. Rainfall is likely on no more than one day out of five and then is likely to be during thunderstorms kicked off by the heat.

Autumn: Long, languid autumns are the scene in Bucharest and even into late October, 70f is not unusual. Sunshine hours are still around six or seven a day and there are fewer days with rain than in the summer.

Winter: It’s not until the middle of November that winter raises its head as temperatures plunge in the shortening days and as the wind picks up from the north east. Through January and February, temperatures don’t rise above zero during the day and plenty of snow can be expected which stays on the ground in the freezing temperatures.

Best Time of the Year to Visit:
There are many good times of the year to visit depending on what you want from the city. The best to most visitors are late spring when the city is fresh and warm or in autumn as the colours mellow and there’s still the glow of summer in the air.