Katowice Weather

Katowice Weather Overview:
Katowice is located in the south of Poland and enjoys the same kind of weather you’d expect of any inland European city. Its southerly location means that it is warmer than many other parts of Poland and can experience very hot summers. Conversely its location away from the moderating influence of the sea means that winters can be very cold.
All Time Highs and Lows:
In the summer of 2003 Katowice suffered the extreme heat seen elsewhere in Europe and temperatures rose to 37.7C in July. It also joined its neighbours in suffering the biting cold of the 2009 winter when one February day saw the thermometer plummet to -26.4C.

Weather Science:
Katowice has a typical humid continental climate being far away from any mass of water. This gives it quite extreme temperatures and a precipitation pattern that falls lightly as snow in winter and heaviest in summer seen as heat induced cloudbursts.

The Seasons:

Spring: Winters seem to drag on in Katowice and spring is often nearly over before any spring-like weather is seen. March is cold, often snowy and gloomy, whilst April can still see some snow and temperatures only just above freezing on some days. It’s only in May when the temperatures begin to look decent with the low seventies achieved on several days towards the end of the month.

Summer: It may take a while coming but when it’s arrived you’ll enjoy endless days of sunshine – often up to nine hours a day, and whilst more rain falls, this will be in the form of short sharp bursts later in the day which serve to refresh the city before the sun shines again. Temperatures will be consistently in the upper seventies and low eighties with sometimes ninety possible.

Autumn: September and October are generally very pleasant months and it’s not until the end of October that you’ll need to worry about wrapping up warm. Temperatures in September can still be in the mid-seventies whilst October sees temperatures only around 10f cooler. Once November comes, things change dramatically and days are cold and grey with the first snow falling.

Winter: You can expect the daily temperature to average below zero for the whole of the winter period and also partway into March. Sunshine is scarce and there’s plenty of snowfall which stays on the ground until spring. Wrap up warmly and you’ll enjoy the city in a new light.

Best Time of the Year to Visit:
Katowice is prettiest in springtime when the parks are full of flowers and the bright sun makes everything seem more beautiful. If you want a late break, September or early October are also good times to visit.