Gdansk Weather

Gdansk Weather Overview:
The climate of Gdansk is similar to that of many northern European cities on the coast. The winters are cold as the city has a high latitude and endures often snowy winters but summers can equally be very hot and sunny with 30C not unusual.
All Time Highs and Lows:
January 1989 saw the lowest ever temperature recorded in the city of -23.8C whilst four years later the big European heatwave brought temperatures of 34.9C

Weather Science:
Gdansk has a temperate climate mixed with a maritime one meaning that extremes of temperature are rare. Its position on the chilly Baltic offers only a little respite from the cold and does enough to lower temperatures in the summer.

The Seasons:

Spring: Spring is said to begin when the temperatures are planted firmly above freezing, usually in the second week of March. The season begins with strong winds and with temperatures only just into positive territory; it’ll still feel like winter, especially with the wind chill factor. Sunshine hours increase dramatically as the season progresses with three a day in March extending to seven a day in May. By that time the temperatures are firmly in the mid-seventies and looking forward to summer.

Summer: Summers can be very hot and most years see temperatures over 30C. The hot weather often sparks of storms and heavy rain, at least for a few hours, is not uncommon. Over eight hours a day on average of sunshine certainly bear testament to the good weather you can expect during the season.

Autumn: Autumn really does begin in September this far north. The temperature becomes a little chilly early and late in the day and the sunshine seems weaker. Later in the season, mist and fog can become a problem as it drifts in off the Baltic and in November, the first snow of the winter can be expected.

Winter: The winter in Gdansk is cold and snowy although in recent years milder temperatures and lower snowfall have been common. Throughout January and February the temperature rarely rises above freezing and with short days seeing little sunshine, the city can be gloomy.

Best Time of Year to Visit:
Gdansk in springtime is beautiful, especially if you capture the warm days that gladden the hearts of the population. Otherwise, early autumn is quite special with milder temperatures and plenty of sunshine but without the crowds.