Bergen Weather

Bergen Weather Overview:
Bergen is one of the wettest cities in Norway having an average of nearly 90 inches of rain a year, so much in fact that the city uses the rainfall  as part of its advertising campaign. Temperatures are mild for a city so far into the Arctic Circle and whilst temperatures hover around freezing in winter, they don’t often fall below it.
All Time Highs and Lows:
The tempering nature of the sea means that Bergen’s highest ever recorded temperature was 31.8C just after the end of the Second World War whilst in 1987 the city saw a low of -16.3C

Weather Science:
Bergen has a strong oceanic climate according to the Koppen classification system. The mountains that surround the city trap the moist air coming in off the sea bringing the heavy rainfall but also protecting it from the cold arctic and continental climate behind them.

The Seasons:

Spring: Spring is a great time to visit Bergen as rainfall levels drop for a spell and temperatures rise quite nicely from the winter lows. March can expect temperatures of up to 10C and these continue to rise through to May when around the mid-sixties is not unusual.

Summer: June, July and August are the best months to visit with the potential for plenty of sunshine, seven hours a day on average in June, and temperatures heading towards 20C. Rainfall can be a problem still and it’ll rain on more than half the summer days.

Autumn: Autumn brings the wettest weather and this has been worsening over the last few years with regular flooding and landslides. Whilst the temperatures are not cold, the wet weather and decreasing hours of daylight, down to less than an hour a day in November make it a miserable time of year.

Winter: The temperatures drop significantly from November onwards as the city heads to the darkest time of year. Whilst the temperature doesn’t drop much below freezing during the day because of the influence of the sea, you’ll see only two or three hours of daylight in December.

Best Time of Year to Visit:
Bergen’s most popular time of year for tourists is the summer when the sun shines for up to 15 hours a day and despite frequent rain, the temperatures are pleasantly warm. Hikers will appreciate the mild but not hot weather for enjoying the mountain scenery around the city.