Ventspils Weather

Ventspils Weather Overview:
Ventspils’ weather is predominantly influenced by the continent of Europe behind it but with subtle influences from the Baltic Sea it fronts onto. In summer the city has warm but not hot temperatures with the cool sea moderating them, whilst in winter, fog and rain is a problem.
All Time Highs and Lows:
The highest temperature recorded in Ventspils was 34.5C in 1923 whilst its lowest was in 1946 when the thermometer registered -21.6C.

Weather Science:
Ventspils typically has a humid continental climate despite being on the Baltic Sea. The oceanic climate zone has a small effect, reducing summer temperatures whilst keeping the port ice free in winter.

The Seasons:

Spring: The coolness of the Baltic, chilled throughout the winter, means that spring takes a while to warm up and you can find temperatures not far above freezing into April. The city is quite attractive then, for longer days and more sunshine hours combine with crisp temperatures to make it great for exploring. By May, temperatures have climbed into the sixties and whilst you’ll need a jacket on many of the days, you know summer isn’t far away.

Summer: Summer in Ventspils is cool and sunny. Temperatures rarely exceed 75f making it warm enough to wander around in summer clothes yet not get so hot that the city’s tiring. You’ll find over ten hours of sunshine accompanying you during a visit in June or July but watch out for the possibility of sharp showers bringing plenty of rain.

Autumn: By now the Baltic will have warmed up somewhat and this helps slow the fall of temperatures into autumn. Both September and October can be very pleasant with temperatures again in the high sixties. Towards the end of October things really start to decline and you can expect overnight frost and some snowy days.

Winter: Winter is cold but could be colder were it not for the influence of the sea. Snow is very likely throughout the winter as temperatures hover around freezing. On days it doesn’t snow, you can expect fog or freezing rain meaning that the daily sunshine average of one hour is not to be unexpected.

Best Time of Year to Visit:
The summer is the best time to spend a weekend or longer in Ventspils. It’ll be pleasantly warm with some hot days and the temperature means you’ll be able to spend most of the day outdoors without getting too hot.