Riga Weather

Riga Weather Overview:
Riga’s weather is quite varied and often extreme. Summers are always warm and sometimes hot with temperatures occasionally in the 30s. In winter, temperatures below -20C are not uncommon. Its proximity to the sea often brings dense fogs or drizzly rain in winter.
All Time Highs and Lows:
The coldest temperature suffered by Riga was -27.7C in February 2009 whilst the highest temperature the city has seen was 37.4C in 2003.

Weather Science:
Despite being on the Baltic Sea, Riga is described as having a continental climate. There is an influence from the sea but with the sea being cold for much of the year; it has only a limited influence on winter temperatures but a tempering effect on summer temperatures.

The Seasons:

Spring: Spring takes a little while to get going in Riga and even March can be very cold with snow. It’s only in April that things start to warm up but in May, temperatures rarely make it into the seventies. Being quite far north, the city does benefit from rapidly increasing daylight hours through spring and accompanying hours of sunshine. By the end of May you can expect to see over nine hours a day of sunshine.

Summer: Summers are generally warm with plenty of sunshine and whilst not always hot, the weather can sometimes make it into the 30s. June can have over ten hours of sunshine a day and whilst July sees the highest rainfall of the year it comes in short sharp showers that don’t interfere too much with the usual good weather.

Autumn: Autumn temperatures drop quite quickly along with the sunshine hours and you’ll be fortunate to see temperatures in the seventies in September and only around six hours of sunshine. Later in the season, fog banks off the Baltic become more common, lowering the temperatures and keeping the sun away for sometimes days on end. By the end of November, winter has settled on the city along with the first snow.

Winter: Winter in Riga is cold and snowy with the snow staying for nearly three months of the year on average. Whilst temperatures are mostly around the -3C mark, much lower temperatures are very common. Fog and freezing drizzle often make it seem bleak and with an average of only an hour or less each day of sunshine, it’s not the most special time of year for a trip.

Best Time of Year to Visit:
The summer is a good time to visit Riga as it’s rarely too hot. With temperatures around the mid-seventies on average, you can dispense with warm clothing and still not look out of place in the city. You’ll also not get too hot or exhausted seeing all the sights.