VW Scandal

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal in Numbers...

How could the huge fines affect Volkswagen and how could they pay them?

It's rare that a motor industry news story gets beyond the car industry media, however when it’s the headline story for all major news channels for days on end you know it’s a big one. Not since the Toyota brake recall has the motor industry been so rocked by what appears to be a serious manipulation of emissions tests by the world’s largest car maker, Volkswagen.

The US Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board are investigating how VW cheated the tests to provide false results by using hidden code in the ECU algorithm. The fall out looks to be widespread and the possible fines are likely to roll into billions of pounds for the German car maker.

Volkswagen has stated that is has allocated £4.7bn to cover the fines, however if US prosecutors get their way, that may not even cover half the fine. And if criminal proceedings are brought it could be VW staff and managements liberty at risk as well as money. We take a look at the how the scandal stacks up in numbers.

vw emissions scandal

With the story breaking in the US, we're pleased to announce that other makes and models are available!