History of Corvera Airport

History of Murcia-Corvera Airport

We take a look back at the history of this troubled airport project. Over 10 years since construction began, the airport is finally set to receive commercial flights as the authorities and operators have agreed an opening date. EasyJet have confirmed it will operate routes from January 2019, redirecting it's current routes from Murcia's San Javier to Corvera Airport. Jet2 have followed by confirming it will operate it's routes to the new airport from March 2019. San Javier is due to be wound down as a commercial airport and will revert to its former use as a miliary airport. It's been a long wait, however holidaymakers will finally be able to enjoy the new facility as of 2019. Book car hire at Murcia Covera Airport with Rhino for the best prices online. Read back over our back catalogue of news regarding Corvera Airport here;

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Corvera Airport History