Call That a Spider

Call That a Spider?

Check Out These Scary 8 Legged Monsters from Popular Holiday Hotspots!

With all the talk of spiders the size of a house (or was that mouse?) in the UK, we thought we’d take a look around the globe to see where those arachnophobes among you really should not travel. Of course, the media frenzy around ‘huge’ spiders in the UK is merely a seasonal variation in house spider size as they have been feeding up on all the bugs and flies from the warm summer months.

So what is all the fuss about? The traditional UK house spider which can grow up to 120mm (leg span) has long been around and often found around the house with the bath tub being a favourite! Media reports of house spiders the size of mice in the UK are putting fear into archnophobes throughout the land, but where should you really be worried about giant spiders when planning your next holiday.

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