Anthem of the Seas - Caught in a Storm

A look back at the numbers behind the storm that hit the Anthem of the Seas

What was billed as a luxury cruise destined for the Bahamas, the 4,500 paying guests and 1,500 crew onboard the Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas found themselves embroiled in a storm that resulted in the cancellation of the cruise.

Boarding the ship on an overcast and cold saturday afternoon of the 6th February 2016, families, couples and groups were looking forward to much warmer climes and the chance to visit the Bahamas. It transpires that the storm that the ship sailed straight into 24 hours laster was known to Royal Caribbean and doubt has been cast over the cruise liners decision to sail at all. Commentators have criticised Royal Caribbean with some going as far as calling them negligent following events that hit the headlines.

Anthem of the Seas Storm

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