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Scopelos Car Hire - Did You Know?

  • Scopelos is the largest island of the Northern Sporades.
  • The island’s coast is dominated by high cliffs.
  • Scopelos suffered devastating damage in the 1965 earthquake.
  • The island was the setting for the hit film, ‘Mamma Mia’.
  • The island’s shape is said to resemble a saxophone!

Scopelos Mini Guide

I Loved the Film ‘Mamma Mia’, now I’d Like to Visit the Location
You need to go to Scopelos (along with thousands of others!) to find the setting for the film and yes, it is as beautiful and dreamy as in the movie.

scopelos azure waters

How do I get There?
There are plenty of charter flights from the main UK airports and other European airports to Skiathos. Flights take just under four hours after which there’s a ferry ride of about an hour to Scopelos. From the ferry port there are plenty of taxis or hotel shuttles to get you to your hotel – be warned, the ferry port and harbour are a lot busier than the film portrayed!!

Apart From Hunting out the Film Scenes, What Else is There in Scopelos?
Scopelos is known as the ‘Green Island’ because of its abundant natural water leading to lush vegetation. There are a number of cool forests on an island that, whilst looking small in the film is actually bigger than Santorini. There’s the 11th century church of Agios Athanasios amongst 360 other churches that dot the island, many of which only open for their saint’s day. Scopelos town is very pretty, cosmopolitan and full of the typical friendly Greek.

agios ioannis church scopelos

What About Things to do There?
There are plenty of beautiful beaches all around the island. Choose the northern ones for cooling wind but beware that this brings choppier waters whilst the sheltered south coast beaches are hotter but the sea is much calmer and better for children. The beaches range from pebble through gravel and shingle to fine sand.

What can I buy There to Take Home?
There are plenty of jewellery shops selling locally made gold products and stalls in the tourist areas selling cheaper wooden and stone jewellery. Many places also try to pass off beautiful sea shells as coming from the waters of Scopelos but many are imported from the Far East. Sponges are a good buy though.

Is There a Local Speciality?
Yes, and in Scopelos it seems to be anything made with the local plums; from plum jam, plums in brandy, dried plums and finally the signature savoury dish pork baked with plums.

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In recent years Scopelos gained fame from the filming of the hit musical ‘Mamma Mia’ but many who visit are enthralled also by the dramatic scenery of the island. There are few beaches because around the coast high cliffs plunge into the sea.

In the centre of the island, a hire car will take you on the way through forests of Aleppo pine and oak to the two peaks, Delphi and Palouki,. The island has 360 churches too, the oldest being the 11th century church in Kastro. The few beaches dotted around the island are sandy and attractive.

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