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Cosmeston Deserted Medieval Village - South Wales

Cosmeston was a village from way before Norman times but after William the Conqueror’s victory in 1066 it was taken as part of Robert Fitzhamon’s conquering of the area called Morgannwg and given to his followers the de Costentin family who came from northern France.

Cosmeston Medieval Village
They renamed the village Costentinstune mixing their French name with the Saxon name for a settlement which eventually became our word town or ton when used as a suffix to a place name.

They set about reorganising the village which thrived for two centuries. Problems began in the mid fourteenth century with increasing attacks from Welsh raiders and although ditches had been dug to drain the valley, several catastrophic floods washed parts of the village away and caused many deaths.

Cosmeston Old Building
Later that century the Black Death spread like wildfire through Britain causing huge numbers of deaths. Some settlements lost over 90% of their population and it seems that Cosmeston suffered along with the rest of the country so that by the middle of the 15th century the manor house was in ruins and the village largely deserted.

The village remained in a state of decay for almost 500 years and its site almost disappeared then in 1970 plans were made for a country park in the area formed from two former quarries. In the course of work remains of the village were identified and although the development of the park went ahead, the land where the village once stood was turned over to archaeologists. Over the course of the next twenty years the site was systematically excavated and when exploration had finished plans were made to turn the village into a replica medieval one, open to the public for them to get a taste of what life was like back in medieval times.

Cosmeston Medieval Village 2

Today, the reconstructed village, complete with role plays and working industries from the time is open to the public all year round.

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Address: Cosmeston Medieval Village, Lavernock Rd, Penarth, CF64 5UY

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