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Ukraine Ghost Towns

Ukraine - it sounds a bit of a harsh name for a country that’s so beautiful! It’s the largest European country entirely in Europe with a population about 60% of that of the UK. Migration statistics shows that lots of Ukrainians are leaving their country, net emigration is around half a million a year. In fact at 1.2 million, Canada has the largest Ukrainian population after Ukraine and Russia? So like the other countries in our survey it’s in danger of turning into a Ghost Country! The country is so beautiful and with so many wonderful sights to see that, irritated that none of them had made the Seven Wonders of the World, they held a competition to name the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

Pripyat Hotel
At the final count they had to have a ‘Specially Commended’ section as the ‘Ten Wonders of Ukraine didn’t have the same ring to it!! The countryside is like something from a Constable painting, no wonder Ukraine is called ‘The Breadbasket of Europe’
The country is awash with history too. Few can not have heard of the Crimean War and the Charge of the Light Brigade. Believe it or not, that took place in Ukraine on its border with the Black Sea. Without the Ukraine, Florence Nightingale would never have risen to prominence and modern nursing would still be a dream!
However in recent times it’s know for more sinister events, the poisoning of the presidential candidate by his rival and the calamitous Chernobyl disaster. Follow the link to read an eye witness account of the drama of that fateful day.