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San Chi Abandoned City

San Zhi Abandoned City - Taiwan

Google Earth San Zhi in TaiwanThe holiday of the future! Spend your vacation time in luxury futuristic pods suspended in the air with stunning views over the Northern Taiwanese coastline. This holiday village will be exclusively for the wealthy and every amenity will be provided.
Except it didn’t happen…. partway through construction strange things occurred…
San Chi Pods in TaiwanOver the course of the initial construction period, eighteen workers died in separate and sometimes mysterious car accidents. Open roads, dry, sunny weather, cars in

perfect condition and they still died. Overturned cars, cars hitting trees, cars in ditches. Others died in bizarre accidents on site. Then machinery would stop inexplicably, tools would go missing and be found in impossible places, there’d be the feeling that the workmen were being watched, tested, warned! And then the voices started, eerie whispers in the wind warning them that the project was doomed!
Script for a horror flick? No, this is the story of the abandonment of the luxury holiday village of San Zhi on the north coast of Taipei County, Taiwan.
Inside a Pod in San ZhiAn innovative idea for a country with little natural space. Build luxury holiday homes like UFO pods, attached to columns that could rise and rise into the Oriental sky as popularity soared. A special place for the especially wealthy.
So what went wrong? Two rumours circulate consistently, one that the site chosen was a burial ground for the Dutch that once occupied Taiwan and that their spirits wanting to remain undisturbed attempted and succeeded in halting the construction. The second involves a sacred Dragon that spanned the road leading to the resort. To widen the road leading there, it had to be split bringing bad luck.
Whatever the story, the site now decays slowly. Dirt encrusts the once shiny pods, windows have fractured with age and vandalism from the few that brave the spirits that still roam the site. There is no money available to finish the project and, maybe more pertinently, no mood to. The site now awaits inevitable clearance when the time is right, once the spirits deem that a respectable period of time has passed.

If you’re brave enough, visit the site on a cold winter’s day, or, if foolhardy, maybe at night when a full moon lends an eerie, otherworldliness to the site. You won’t return unmoved.
San Zhi is on the north coast of Taipei County, Taiwan.
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