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Ghost Towns in Sweden

Sweden is the third largest country in Europe but with a population of only nine and a half million it is one of the least densely populated areas. Much of northern Sweden is inhospitable meaning that there’s little reason why anyone would want or be able to live there making it, again, almost a ‘ghost country’ in places. The climate and long hours of darkness in the cold winter months add a ghostliness to the air.

At midday in deepest winter it’s perpetual dusk in the north, neither day nor night and in this in between time the imagination plays tricks and one can believe that the countryside may be haunted. Further south the number of people rises as the darkness and cold are less severe, yet even here, outside the big cities you can travel many hours with no sign of human activity in the countryside.

It is in the middle of Sweden that you find the few abandoned towns and villages, many from where natural resources which sustained the development eventually ran out, Timber, iron ore, coal and other mineral ores financed a boom in the 19th and 20th centuries only to fizzle out when the sources ran dry. However, Sweden is also home to the remains of Sjöstad in Närke county. Here a massacre of innocent merchants led to the abandonment and subsequent haunting of the ghost town…..