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Agdam Ghost Town

Ağdam Ghost Town - Azerbaijan

Ağdam means ‘white house’ in Azerbaijani, possibly referring to the white mosque or to a white building given by the ruler of the town. It dates from the 1700s and was a busy, populous town in the south west of Azerbaijan and the capital of the Ağdam region. Factories there employed thousands of people making butter, wine and brandy.

Agdam Ruined Building
There were also plants making industrial machinery which was distributed from its railway station. In July 1993, the enclave of Nagorno Karabakh began an offensive to stabilise a breakaway republic. Their intentions were met with stiff opposition from the Azerbaijani forces and heavy fighting ensued. Ağdam was captured by the Armenian reinforced army of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic during its 1993 summer offensives. As the town fell, its entire population fled eastwards. In the immediate aftermath of the fighting, the Armenian forces decided to destroy much of Ağdam to prevent its recapture by Azerbaijan. Although badly damaged and now deserted, more damage occurred in the following decades when the deserted town was looted for building materials.

Inside Agdam Mosque
Today the whole city lies in ruins with only the town’s mosque having escaped the worst of the damage although it is currently used as a cattle shed by the Armenians which seriously offends the Muslim world and which has led to protestations to the Pope under whose auspices the Armenian church lies. Many war crimes were committed by the Armenians, none of which have been successfully prosecuted.

Today the city lies deserted with Armenian armed forces preventing anyone entering the city. Meanwhile it lays silent and decaying, hidden from the outside world.

Once, over 150,000 lived, worked, loved and played in the city. Today though it lies ruined. Even if the people wanted to return, there is very little remaining of their homes, some simply destroyed by the war, others through looting.

Despite the invasion, the town still has a professional football team - FK Qarabağ, who play in the Azerbaijan Premier League. Their stadium was destroyed in the war and now all their fixtures are played at their opposition’s grounds.

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