Lapland Weather

Lapland Weather Overview:
Lapland’s climate is clich├ęd into snow, snow and more snow but despite this being true for much of the year, the climate does have variations, so much so that the Sami who live there say the year has eight seasons.
All Time Highs and Lows:
The highest temperature ever recorded in Lapland was 30.7C recorded on the 10th June 2011 whilst just over decade earlier in January 1999 the thermometers stopped falling at -47.5C; very cold indeed!

Weather Science:
Lapland straddles the Arctic Circle and in general is described as having a sub-Arctic climate under the Koppen Classification. It is also on the 0C isotherm where average annual temperatures are zero or below.

The Seasons:

Spring: The definition of spring is a little different in Lapland and whereas March might be considered the start in the capital, May is the acknowledged beginning in Lapland, being the first month where daily temperatures rise above zero on average. The season is defined by millions of midges and mosquitos so repellent is essential when outside.

Summer: Summer is short, really being only the nine weeks of July and August when temperatures break into sixties. June can be quite cold and whilst there is plenty of sunshine and perpetual daylight from June 6th to July 7th, you’ll also find plenty of rain with one in three days having some rain.

Autumn: Autumn is a very short season for even as September starts temperatures struggle to make 50f. By the end of the month, the first signs of winter are there and snow is a possibility. Sunshine hours average two a day for the season but by November there’s barely thirty minutes a day.

Winter: Winter is long and dark in Lapland and for a month, the sun never rises above the horizon. Temperatures average around -10C but regularly drop below -20C. Snow falls regularly and there’ll be a covering of snow for almost half the year, beginning in October. It’s a good time to see the Northern Lights though if you’re wrapped up warm.

Best Time of the Year to Visit:
Summer has to be the best time unless you love extremely cold weather and almost constant darkness. The days of June can be pleasantly warm and with virtually the whole month bathed completely in light, you’ll feel like getting out and seeing lots.