Espoo Weather

Espoo Weather Overview:
Espoo, being part of the capital region shares a similar climate to Helsinki. Again, the effect of the Gulf Stream and the warming effects of the Baltic Sea have a tempering effect on the temperatures experienced in the year. As a result Espoo has mild winters and cool summers when compared to other cities at this latitude.
All Time Highs and Lows:
Espoo shivered at -34.5C not that long ago in January 2010 whilst six months later it sweltered at over 95f.  These extremes are very unusual for Espoo.

Weather Science:
Espoo has a hemiboreal humid continental climate according to the Koppen classification model. The city would have had a continental climate but for the influence of the Gulf Stream and the nearby Baltic Sea. Therefore the city loses some of the summer heat and the extreme cold of winter.

The Seasons:

Spring: Despite not having an entirely continental climate, March is still a very cold month with temperatures rarely rising above freezing. It’s not until May that the temperature bears some resemblance to spring. Even then ten or eleven Celsius is as much as you can hope for.  The upside of spring is that the hours of sunshine rise from three in March to nine in May.

Summer: Summers are short is Espoo and if you don’t make the most of June and July then you’ll be in autumn before you know it. June is a fabulous time of year when the sun sets for only a few hours each day and the temperature at least tries to make inroads into the seventies.

Autumn: Autumn in Espoo can be thought of as beginning as soon as August ends, for September has a definite chill to the air. The hours of sunshine – and even daylight, have begun to tail off dramatically. Temperatures drop to below freezing each day in November and the first of the winter’s snow begins to fall. Residents of Espoo still think themselves lucky though for inland the temperatures are colder still.

Winter: Most people stay indoors for the Espoo winter unless they have to go outdoors. The temperature is well below freezing – on warm days it may even rise above -10C and up to a foot of snow falls each month staying on the ground until April.

Best Time of Year to Visit:
It depends on whether you like it cold or just warm! June and July are best for those who want to go and see Espoo without having to wrap up like they’re off to the North Pole. In winter you may be able to enjoy winter sports but it is very, very cold.