Brno Weather

Brno Weather Overview:
Brno’s weather is similar to that of Prague except that it doesn’t have the same sheltering effect of mountains, leaving it exposed to the north westerly winds. Still, the summers are very pleasant but the winters are slightly colder and with a little more snow than Prague although its more southerly location tempers it.
All Time Highs and Lows:
In July 2003, Brno sweltered in temperatures that reached 41.9C whilst in 2010, late January saw temperatures as low as -22C.

Weather Science:
Brno, like Prague, is at the confluence of the Continental climate and the Oceanic climate provided by the distant Mediterranean. The oceanic effect moderates the temperatures in summer and winter meaning that even August is not too hot whilst the winters generally don’t suffer severe cold.

The Seasons:

Spring: Spring is a slow burner and whilst many locations would expect some warmth in March, you’ll have to wait a little longer in Brno. Only at the start of May can you think of leaving that coat behind when the temperature creep up to the high sixties. The delights of spring in the city though are the increasing sunshine levels which rise from two a day in February to nearly seven in May giving a fresh and bright look to the city.

Summer: Summers can be warm to hot with many days over 80f to be expected. The heat does set off some quite dramatic storms though and you’ll see some rain on one in every three days. Sunshine hours are quite adequate though, despite the rain and it’s a good time to be in the city.

Autumn: Both September and October stay pleasantly warm in Brno and if there over the October half term you can still walk around in shorts and a T-shirt some of the time. Temperatures of around the low sixties in October fall dramatically in November with the shortening days and you’ll feel chilly in the daily average that only just gets above 40f. Foggy days are not uncommon and then, the dampness combined with the cold will make going out quite miserable.

Winter: Winter temperatures are colder than in the capital and for almost all of December, January and February the temperature won’t rise above freezing. Days can be foggy and damp and you’ll see reasonable snowfall which will stay on the ground for most of the season.

Best Time of the Year to Visit:
Early summer is a great time to be in Brno and the temperatures mean you can spend all day and most of the evening outside. The spring flowers that garland the city are in full bloom and the sunny skies make it very pleasant.