FerrariRental Dubai

Ferrari Rental Dubai

Renting a Ferrari in Dubai is far more accessible than you might think. It's one of the only places on the planet where your Ferrari will likely blend in with the background as Dubai enjoys more supercars per mile than any other city on earth. But don't let that you put you off, whilst rental Ferrari's are Dubai's 'go to' supercar rental, when you rent a Ferrari in Dubai with Rhino you're guaranteed a current model year car. We currently have the wonderful 488 Spyder on our fleet for ultimate performance, a true 2 seater supercar with eye watering performance statistics or the excellent Ferrari California, a folding hardtop 2+2 meaning you can bring bring the children along for the ride. Whichever Ferrari you rent in Dubai, we advise you to exercise caution if exploiting its potential as whilst supercars are welcome on the roads of Dubai, anti-social driving is frowned upon and with some the of the best police cars in the world, you won't want to test the local authorities.

Ferrari Car Hire Dubai

Supercar Rentals in Dubai

We offer current model year Ferrari rentals in Dubai to ensure that when you decide to rent one of Maranello’s finest sports cars, it’s a current model and will ensure you are not left wanting in the hotel car park or when cruising the highways. Our current rental Ferrari model line up is as follows;
Ferrari 488 Spyder
Ferrari California
3.9ltr V8 turbo
3.8 V8 turbo
661 bhp
553 bhp
Top Speed
330 kph (205 mph)
310 kph (193 mph)
Acceleration (0-100kph)
3.0 sec
3.9 sec

Ferrari Rental Dubai Concierge

We understand that customers looking to hire a Ferrari in Dubai expect a level of service above and beyond what otherwise might be considered normal. For that reason, at Rhino we provide a concierge car rental service in Dubai for any of our customers renting a luxury or high-end rental. To benefit from  our full concierge service when renting a Ferrari in Dubai simply email us at with your requirements and a member of our concierge team will get back to you with a personalised quote and offer full support throughout the booking, rental and post rental stages.
*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for todays best prices.

Ferrari or Lamborghini Rental Dubai?

People generally have a preference when it comes to which Italian supercar marque is best. There are those in the Maranello camp of Ferrari who value the history of the prancing horse and its focus on raw, unadulterated performance, its racing heritage and persuit of lap times, or those who fall on the Sant'Agata side of the stable and prefer Lamborghini. Whilst both offer models with performance unrivalled by mere mortal sports and supercars, Lamborghini have a reputation for being a little louder and little more fun, sure it may cost you half a second over a lap on a racetrack but that matters little when renting a Ferrari in Dubai and looking for fun. Which do you prefer?

Ferrari Car Rental Dubai

Driving in Ferrari Rental Dubai

  • RR

    Road Driving Side

  • 40-80kph

    Urban speed Limit

  • 90kph

    Rural Speed Limit

  • 120kph

    Motorway Speed Limit

  • 0mg

    Drink Drive Limit

  • OMR


  • 21

    Min Rental Age

  • YES


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