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Car Hire in France - All Locations

Rhino gives you the Abbeville to Vienne of car hire locations in France!

Rhino car hire is pleased to offer you comprehensive car hire pick up from all the top locations in France. We have a variety of low cost vehicles for rent in all the main French cities and airports, as well as smaller towns and regional airports.

Our top car hire France location is Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the world and the first port of call to Europe’s most popular tourist destination. We also have rental vehicles in a number of downtown Paris locations.  Therefore you can see this city of the arts at your convenience and visit popular areas such as Montmartre with its charming cobbled streets and trendy bistros. Families may also want to use car hire at Disneyland Paris to see this premiere European theme park and attractions such as sleeping beauty's castle. To save costs consider picking up a vehicle at Paris Orly airport.  Northern France is a popular destination for Brits who come to France by ferry and the region has amazing food, beaches, castles and historical sites from the world wars. We have car hire at places such as Dunkerque, Le Havre and Dieppe.

Southern France is even more desirable because of the great weather and the fabulous beaches around the Bay of Biscay. For instance if you plan to go surfing in Biarritz, which is famed for its waves, we can rent you large people carrier cars which have racks on the roof for your boards. On the French Riviera we offer a number of pick up points including car hire Cannes and car hire Nice which are the ideal way to explore the Cote d'Azur or attend the Cannes International film Festival.  There is even car hire in Corsica to enjoy this Mediterranean French Island.

Collect vehicles with snow chains and snow tires from places such as Annecy, Chamonix, Courcheval and Basel Mulhouse Airport. We can even offer you ski racks for your equipment. Our cars are also perfect for taking tours of the wine country and you can get great rates on car hire from Bordeaux airport and vehicles to drive around the Loire Valley.

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All Locations in France (A-Z)

France by Region;

Alsace is one of the smallest regions of France and is close to the border with Switzerland. Remarkably it has the only airport in the world which serves three different countries at the same time, Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg airport.

Aquitaine is a region in the south west of France which has borders with the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Pyrenees Mountains. Within Aquitaine there are numerous departments including Dordogne, Landes and Gironde. See them all with car hire Aquitaine.

Auvergne is situated in the centre of France. It is part of the prefecture of Clermont Ferrand and has various departments including Allier, Haute Loire and Puy-de-Dome. The region contains many dormant volcanoes.    

Basse Normandie:
Basse Normandie has been known as Lower Normandy since 1956 when the region was divided in two. Located in the north of France it overlooks the Channel between England and France.

Haute Normandy:
Haute Normandy or Upper Normandy is the location of an important France port Le Havre. It also contains the Seine Maritime department. Car hire is a good way to travel as the weather can be windy.

Brittany is located in the north of France and was previously both a Kingdom and a Duchy. As one of the six Celtic nations and given its proximity to the United Kingdom across the Channel, it is no wonder that Brittany is often called Little Britain.

Burgundy is a large region more or less in the centre of France. It is famous for its wine production. Both red and white wines are made there. Auxerre is one of the main cities within the Burgundy region which it part of the Dijon prefecture.

The Centre region of France is, unsurprisingly, in the middle of the country. The largest city in the region is Tours and the Centre region also forms around the Loire Valley. See it all with car hire Centre.

Languedoc-Roussillon is a historical region of France in which the main languages used to be Catalan and Occitan. Languedoc-Roussillon is in the south of France and has a Mediterranean coastline.

Limousin is a rural region in the centre of France which is known for producing some of the best beef in the country. Limousin experiences hot summers and cold winters so car hire Limousin keeps you comfortable.

Lorraine is a region in the north east of France which contains the cities of Metz and Nancy. We also have cars for hire at Lorraine airport. It contains departments including Meuse, Moselle and Vosges.
Monaco is an independent municipality within France. Monaco is the name of the country and the only city within the principality. It hosts the Monaco Grand Prix and has a reputation for being a playground of the rich and famous.

Poitou Charentes:
Located in the centre west region of France, Poitou Charentes has the city of Poitiers at it capital. Some of the departments are Charente, Charente-Maritime, Deux Sevres and Vienne.

Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur:
The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region is in the south east of France and has borders with the Mediterranean Sea. This is an exceptionally beautiful part of France and with car hire Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur you can see the French Riviera or drive to the nearby Alps Mountains.

Picardy is located in the north of France. It is made up of the departments of Oise Aisne and the Somme. The latter is where one of the bloodiest battles of World War One was fought in France. Many veterans rent car hire Picardy to reconnect with their past.

Rhone Alpes:
The Rhone Alpes region is defined by the large River Rhone and the Alps Mountains which create the eastern border of France with Switzerland and Italy. Rhone Alpes is in the south east of France and its capital Lyon is the second largest city of France.

Nord-Pas-de-Calais is one of the French regions. It is right at the northernmost tip of France at the border with Belgium so if you want to make a cross border journey with car hire Nord-Pas-de-Calais just let us know.

Home to the capital of Spain and located slap-bang in the centre of the country, Madrid is a rich and powerful province. Nevertheless the autonomous community of Madrid is small compared to some of the other autonomous communities. It has a continental Mediterranean climate.

Ile-de-France is a northern central region of France. It most famously contains Paris, a great and romantic city. Aside from the City of Light, Ile-de-France is one of the richest and most populated parts of Europe.

Corsica is one of the regions of France so we offer car hire Corsica from this idyllic Mediterranean island. Corsica is the birthplace of the general Napoleon so it is interesting to visit and see his ancestral home.

Pays de la Loire:
Pays de la Loire is one of the 26 regions of France and it was created relatively recently in the 20th century. As such it is part of some historical regions like Anjou and Maine.

Midi-Pyrenees is one of the largest regions in France and as its name suggests it borders the Pyrenees Mountains at the boundary with Spain. Like Pays de la Loire it is an artificially created region.