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Thomas Cook Flight Cancelled - Car Hire

If you’re one of the 150,000 British holidaymakers waking up the news that your tour operator, Thomas Cook (including Thomas Cook Airlines) has gone into administration and you’ve rented a car, what do you need to do?
  • Find out your re-arranged flight details – departure airport, date and time (the CAA are arranging repatriation flights)
  • If booked with Rhino, contact us with reservation number and we’ll assist with making changes to your current rental
  • If booked elsewhere, contact provider or rental agent directly to advise / confirm return arrangements
  • If your flight is earlier, you should advise the rental agent that you'll be bringing the car back early (unlikely to incur extra charge)
  • If your flight is later, you should advise the rental agent that you'll be bringing the car back later (you'll likely incur a late return charge - often an extra days rental)
  • Or you can return your rental car as per your contract and make alternative travel arrangements

If you’re on holiday at the moment, enjoying your rental car, the demise of Thomas Cook is likely to affect your current car rental. It’s likely that your flight home will have changed which will have an impact on your rental car. If your flight home is at a different time or date to your scheduled flight, this will likely result in a change to your rental car agreement and you’ll either need to extend your rental car, or cut it short. The CAA will provide information to all travelers on re-arranged flights. You can still return your rental car on the date / time as set out on your rental agreement, in which case, you don’t need to do anything or make any changes.

thomas cook flight cancelled car hire

You should contact us or whom you booked your rental car with (details on your car rental documentation / contract) as soon as you have details of your re-arranged flight from the CAA to ensure the car can be returned at a different date / time (and possible location – you may have to fly home from an alternative airport to where you landed, your repatriation flight home for example may be from MCO rather than Sanford in Orlando). If you plan to return the car to a different location, you will need to seek confirmation that this is first possible and secondly, what extra cost you are likely to incur for the one way fee.

Of course, if you’ve booked your rental car with Rhino, get in touch with our team and we’ll look into details for you.

Can I cancel my car hire and get a full refund?

If you have booked your hire car with Rhino for a Thomas Cook flight that has been cancelled, you’ll be delighted to know that we have an emergency policy in place to ensure that all of our customers will receive a full refund. Kellie Hodge, head of Customer Services confirms;

“In unfortunate circumstances like this we will refund in full. If the customer cancels before pick-up we will waive the cancellation fee. If the customer cancels after after pick-up and the cancellation request comes through, they can set up a case and we will refund.”

Whilst our standard terms and conditions allow free cancellation up to 48 hours prior to pick up, in cases such as this, we will waive any cancellation fee where 48 hours notice cannot be given.

Car hire discount for Thomas Cook customers

Here at Rhino we’ve extended a special discount for anyone affected by the Thomas Cook collapse and are delighted to offer a 10% discount* on car hire for any Thomas Cook customers who have had to make alternative travel arrangements for their holiday.

Thomas Cook car hire refund policy

If you booked a package holiday with Thomas Cook that included a rental car, you should be fully refunded by the ATOL and ABTA protections in place. However, if you booked flight-only through Thomas cook and added car hire, you’ll not be covered. Your travel insurance policy is also unlikely to be of much use as most policies exclude travel company failure. In which case, you’ll need to try and claim from your credit card company under Section 75 legal protection (purchases over £100).

If you booked Thomas Cook car hire with a debit card, you should contact your bank and request a ‘chargeback’. Whilst this isn’t legal protection, it is a method where your bank can request your money back from Thomas Cooks bank as you did not receive the good / service paid for.

*certain vehicles / suppliers excluded from discount.
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Posted: September 23, 2019 by Phil Partridge
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