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Thomson Holidays Reignite 2wentys Holiday Package

For some years now we’ve been used to the encouragement of well-meaning do-gooders to seek out ethical companies with which to do our shopping for goods and services but a seemingly innocent piece of news this week from the travel world begs the question ‘Do companies have a moral responsibility too?’

The news in question is that Thomson holidays have launched a new version of their ‘2wentys’ holiday package. To begin with, many of our more intelligent readers may question the meaning of the word as well as its incorrect plural usage but to many of the ‘c u l8r’ brigade, the meaning is instantly recognised.2wentys Holidays

To enlighten the uninitiated, it’s the 21st century form of the ‘Club 18-30’ holidays, which were popular in the seventies and eighties before binge drinking and meaningless sex became the bywords for a good holiday.

We’ve only just started to move away from what is politely called hedonism into the age where the resorts such as San Antonio in Ibiza and Ayia Napa in Cyprus have had enough of the crime, violence and immorality and cleaned up their act, encouraging families and imposing closure orders on bars and clubs which don’t follow strict guidelines but now Thomson want to reignite the controversy.

Gleefully they explain that the 2wentys Max resorts will have all day pool parties, deals on alcoholic drinks on the complexes, resident DJs for all-night parties and the kind of food that youngsters like, served all day and most of the night. They even brag about the ‘welcome pack’ that used to include bread, butter, cheese, milk etc. until travellers could get to the shops but which now includes a range of soft and alcoholic drinks, snacks, games, which some reps have described as ‘naughty’ and other ‘essentials’ which have been said to include condoms in some resorts.

Excursions, which you might hope would include a visit to places of cultural interest, include a change of scenery at top local clubs and organised pub crawls.

Those over the age of thirty can just imagine what’s going to happen but not those at the holiday company. When the talk in the UK media is of how we can reduce incidences of binge drinking; sex, whilst not in control of one’s decision making processes and violence influenced by alcohol, this ‘great’ idea, from one of the most respected travel companies, beggars belief.

Whilst there’s the tiniest possibility that the 2wentys scheme will see well-behaved young people drinking sensibly, forming lasting relationships from budding holiday romances and eschewing the burgers for salads, keep one eye on the media in the year ahead to see just what happens.
Phil Partridge
Posted: September 30, 2013 by Phil Partridge 0 comments
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