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Airport Opening Delays - 3 High Profile Airport Delays

What should be three of the world’s newest airports have been in the news recently as their owners announce or don’t announce possible opening dates for the massively delayed projects.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport was due to open last year but huge and costly mistakes with the wiring and smoke extraction systems have led to claims that the airport may have to be partially rebuilt. The airport , which was scheduled to replace the city’s Schonfeld and Tegel airports, has seen its budget currently exceed 4.3bn euros, nearly double the original estimate and likely to rise further. Now, in attempt to save face, the owners have said that as early as next March, the northern terminal will open and service ten flights a day; only a fraction of what was intended, but for some, a step in the right direction.
Corvera Airport
Murcia’s Corvera Airport has been complete for fifteen months but still hasn’t opened. Disputes over the use of airspace and compensation paid to the military have dragged out the opening date. The economic downturn in Spain has rendered airport unviable in the short term and the news that a new concessionary is being sought after the original contract was withdrawn from Aeromur is further delaying the project. With banks refusing to continue to fund it, it’s looking increasingly likely that the possible opening date of spring 2014 won’t be met and that the urban myth which says Paramount film studios will take over the site may become a reality.
Hamad Airport
Hamad International Airport in Qatar was pencilled in for opening in April this year but issues over safety regulations at the airport has seen the opening date postponed indefinitely. A huge embarrassment to the Qatari government, the problems stem from a change in health and safety laws in Qatar which meant that prior to April, the airport would have met or exceeded the requirements but under new legislation, it doesn’t. The necessary amendments were made to the airport only for the operators to find the goals had been changed once more. With no set date for beginning operations, the airport, one of the region’s biggest, will remain a white elephant for the foreseeable future.

The situation at each airport has led bookmakers to take bets on which airport will open first although seeing the wrangling that is taking place behind the scenes, and often publicly, might mean that all bets are off. When they do finally open, rest assured, Rhino will offer the cheapest car hire deals at all of them!
Phil Partridge
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