Grandmothers Remedies
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Grandmothers Remedies

Sometimes the old remedies are the best so here are a selection of tried and tested Grandmas remedies.

Removing Warts

Tie a piece of black cotton tightly around it, cover with a plaster and it will come off in about a week.  Or, make a paste with bicarb and put on the wart daily.

Beauty Tips

Stained nails?   Rub with a lemon.

Fair or greasy hair?  Add lemon juice to the final rinse. Gives lovely natural highlights in the Summer.

Dark or Auburn hair?  Add vinegar to the final rinse.

Household Tips

Banana  Eat the banana then use the skin to polish leather shoes and handbags, they buff to a fantastic shine and will last about a month, then leave the skin around roses in the garden for healthy leaves.

Remove the smell of fish from knives and hands etc., rub with a lemon, leave for a few minutes then rinse.

Half a lemon rubbed over draining boards and sinks will kill germs and when rinsed and buffed produces a good shine.  Also leave around the taps for five minutes and it will help remove the limescale that builds up.

A pinch of carb in water when cooking greens will keep the colour of the veg.

If you have run out of washing up liquid or washing powder a tablespoon of carb will clean the dishes and wash clothes.  It also helps to remove any limescale built up in the washing machine.

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