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Fry with Olive Oil

Fried foods should only be cooked in Olive Oil as per the advice of Dieticians and Doctors and recent studies which show that Olive Oil is the most suitable oil for frying because it remains stable due to its anti-oxidization agents even at high temperatures.  Animal fats do not have anti-oxidization agents so they are oxidised very quickly with all the harmful health effects. Seed oils also contain anti-oxidization agents (tocopherols) but due to the high amount of unsaturated acids they contain they quickly oxidise when heated.  Seed oils spoil at a temperature of around 170-180 celsius whereby Extra Virgin Olive Oil can stand temperatures up to 230-250 celsius.

Often we hear that fried foods absorb too much oil and so become fattening however if a frying pan is used correctly, then the crispy coating on the food seals in the juices and does not let the oil into the food.  To obtain this crispness the oil should be brought up to heat almost to burn yet without being overheated and producing smoke.  If the amount of Olive Oil in the pan reduces whilst frying extra should be added but only when there is no food in the pan so that the temperature does not drop.  It has been proved that foods fried in olive oil absorb less than those fried in seed oils.  It can also be used many times for frying similar foods.

Try pancakes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs etc. 
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