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Hotel Hidden Extras in Cyprus

There are not many things in life which are more annoying than hidden charges. Last weekend, with something to celebrate, we decided to book ourselves into a four star hotel on the Limassol coast of Cyprus. There were deliberations about whether it would be better to stay somewhere cheaper and just use the room as a base while we went out for the night, but in the end we decided a bit of comfort was called for.

Cyprus is an expensive island and hotels don't come cheap. Some of the rooms at the Four Seasons hotel cost hundreds of Euros and those aren't even the luxury options. We picked a nearby hotel, the Mediterranean, which came with good reviews and a four star rating. Although quite a good bargain, it was hardly cheap at 110 Euros for the night. For that sort of money I expect really good service.
Now, to give you some background, going away (even for a night) takes a bit of planning on our part. We got everything together, the bottle of wine, the swimming gear – well almost everything – I forgot my gym clothes. Just before leaving my lovely girlfriend got worried because she had forgotten the room reservation email confirmation. I laughed and told her not to worry. We went through a period of staying in hotels in London and it was never a problem before.

The Mediterranean Beach Hotel in Limassol

You can read other reviews on the Hotel at tripadvisor, some good, some bad.

Mediterranean Beach Hotel Limassol Cyprus

Arriving at the Mediterranean Hotel tired and looking forward to getting to the beach we were then told that we would need an email confirmation. I asked to use their internet and was informed I would have to pay 5 Euros for half an hour on the net. To give you some perspective that is four times how much it costs in a local internet café. I was of the opinion that most four star hotels have free internet access. A family member had stayed in the three star Hotel Centrum in Nicosia (highly recommended by the way – excellent service, décor and rooms) and we were able to use the internet for free.

When I told this to the staff member on duty he said every hotel in Cyprus charges for the internet and that he had never heard of the Hotel Centrum. I made it quite clear I was not very happy with the policy.  To be fair the guy who served us at the Mediterranean was friendly and to date I have not been charged, so I thank him for this courtesy. But the moral of the story for all businesses is NO HIDDEN CHARGES! They really piss customers off.

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Chloe Demaret
Posted: October 15, 2009 by Chloe Demaret 2 comments
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