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A Pinus Tree supported to keep erect at age 110

We hired a car and drove from Polemi via beautiful country roads passing through small villages with souvlavki cooking outside on the barbecues, older men sitting outside their coffee shops watching the world go by, passed the spectacular view of the damn and into Vouni Panayia where we visited the winery.  We were the only visitors there at the time (4 of us) but were welcomed and given a tour of the winery before proceeding down the stone steps to the wine cellar where we sampled some excellent wines, the Alina was one of our favourites which is made from grapes selected from the east of the area called Xinisteri.  We purchased quite a few bottles along with some Cabernet Sauvignon which was also delcious. 

After this we drove a few miles further to see what was around and came across at the top of a hill overlooking a picturesque valley the Monastery of St Neofytos. Outside the Monastery there were several local traders with their market style stalls selling local produce of nuts and grape orientated sweets along with a coffee shop where you could sit and enjoy an iced frappe and admire the views.

At the entrance to the Monastery however was a most peculiar looking tree which was heavily propped up to keep it erect.  The sign proclaims the tree to be a Pinus Brutia which is a pine tree which can be found throughout the forests of the Troodos.  The forests actually cover one quarter of the island of Cyprus.  However, this tree is somewhat different to the usual tall upright tree in that it has two large bulges from its trunk - have a look at the pictures and then I will leave to your imagination.

Pictures of the props holding the tree upright are shown below




Then below a photograph of the two round testicular shape growths!

Oh dear only noticed this sign when it was too late  - oops!

Phil Partridge
Posted: October 06, 2008 by Phil Partridge 0 comments
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