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4 door Ford Mustang could be on its way

In a shock announcement, albeit unofficial at this stage, Ford has suggested that it might consider building the first ever 4 door Ford Mustang and its big news. Now in it’s 6th generation the iconic Ford Mustang has only ever been available in a coupe or convertible variant with strictly 2 doors. However recent chatter from Ford has lead to rumours of a 4 door Mustang being available when the much awaited 7th generation car rolls off the production line. In a bid to attract buyers (and Mustang rentals) to the model as more and more customers are opting to buy or rent SUV’s and the relatively recent introduction of the performance SUV bridging the gap between high the octane thrills of a V8 Mustang and the practicality of the humble SUV. A 4 door Mustang could combat that customer migration.

4 door mustang

A Mustang for all the Family

Renting a Mustang is big business in the US, particularly for tourists looking for a taste of an all-American muscle car when holidaying in the USA. Whilst the Mustang has only recently been officially exported outside of the US, interest in the model made famous by many Hollywood movies is strong the world over. With the introduction of a 4 door Mustang, the door (excuse the pun) will be wide open for families to enjoy renting a Mustang all over the USA.

Ford Mustang Twin Turbo V8

Not only is the 4 door body style rumoured for the 7th generation model, Ford has also eluded to a possible twin turbo V8 to bring performance to an entirely new level. Whilst the current 5.0 litre V8 offers 450 PS (approx. 444 bhp), a new smaller 4.0 litre twin turbo unit could be introduced to aid reduced emissions targets whilst delivering on power. Such an engine could see power for a twin turbo V8 Mustang exceed 500 PS in standard tune whilst it’s likely that power upgrades and special editions will be offered well in excess of this. Assuming of course that Ford follow through with the rumours it’s started.

Ford Mustang SUV?

Could it really happen? We wouldn’t bet against it as whilst the current range of Ford SUV’s is extensive and seemingly caters for every imaginable need, as yet there is no genuine performance variant. Whilst other marquees such as BMW, Mercedes and Maserati have all launched genuine performance SUV’s to the market, could a Mustang SUV enable Ford to put its best foot forward into this growing market? Only time will tell but we wouldn’t bet against it.
Kellie Hodge
Posted: November 02, 2018 by Kellie Hodge
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