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Bar Work in Paphos – Working in Cyprus

Our latest recruit at Rhino, Chloe, brings with her a host of knowledge about the Island of Cyprus having spent a few summer seasons working in the Islands bars and clubs. So what’s it really like living and working in the Med’s most easterly island? Chloe gives us the low down on her experience working in Cyprus

How east is it to get bar work in Paphos?
I first started work when taking a few months out of the UK visiting my parents who live here and wanted to see what life was like from a workers perspective. My first summer season was 2013 when things were picking up a little from the recession so there was plenty of work around. Most of the bars and restaurants needed workers then and favoured British workers as the majority of their customers were either British or English speaking. If you are looking for bar work in Cyprus, the online forums are a great place to start, or just keep an eye out in the bars for ‘staff wanted’ signs, with workers short on the ground and the economy building again you shouldn’t have trouble finding work and will be able to pick what suits you best, whether bar, club or restaurant work.

Is it safe working in Paphos?
I worked here for 3 seasons and aside from the odd drunken scuffle that you will see anywhere when alcohol is involved, it’s a pretty chilled out environment. We had no reason to be concerned for our safety in Paphos.

What type of jobs are there?
Where to start? There is all sorts of work / hours available so it really depends what you are looking for. Bars and pubs always need good waiting and bar staff, whilst the clubs (and bigger bars) are always on the look out for approachable reps for day and night work who’s job it is to get potential customers through the door. This is usually commission based, so the most you get in, the more you earn. Restaurants are again always looking for good waiting staff.

What pay can you expect?
It’s never going to be the best paid job in the world, but if you are looking for a few weeks / months or the entire season, you can easily pay for your keep (often workers share accommodation) and have a few Euro’s to spend on your day off. It is hard work, however the reward is not saving for a house deposit, but spending a few months living in Cyprus.

What hours are you expected to work?
As with most bar work, it’s not for the faint hearted. Pubs, bars and clubs will stay open until the early hours. You could easily work from 5pm til 5am. Some reps prefer to work the beaches and town during the day but it’s less likely to get the numbers in when commission based.

What are the biggest bars in Paphos?
Flairs is the busiest bar and has lots of staff so always worth a look if you want a full on experience of bar work in Paphos. Linekers is also very popular and again you could easily find a job there. The newest club is called Amnesia, you won't see it from the street as it's underground but you'll see their reps around in bar street.

Accommodation for bar workers in Paphos
The forums are the best place to start, but it’s usually the case that word of mouth between the workers will get a roof over your head. Flat and apartments are common, or if a larger group sharing then villas are also available for workers sharing the rent. It’s worth looking out for and finding accommodation that suits you as you might be tied in, or pay a month’s rent upfront. Whilst you’ll be working a lot and spending downtime on the beach, you need to be happy with where you stay at night. We stayed in a small apartment with a 6 of us there and it was ok to start by soon felt cramped, so we found a nice villa that needed a few more to share the rent so we moved to that. Of course it was a little more per week, but much better place to live!
Chloe Demaret
Posted: November 23, 2015 by Chloe Demaret 1 comments
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Hiya, I was just wondering if you had any advice or information on wheres best to stay if you want to do a season in paphos. I've been looking into forums but they're all from 2014 etc so was wondering if you could offer any help.. Thank you, Lauren
3/6/2016 4:56:30 PM