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When Will Corvera Airport Open its Doors? Troubles at Murcia International Airport Continue

It wouldn’t be Europe without a bureaucratic brouhaha and travellers desperate to fly into the uncrowded, sleek, new Murcia International Airport, also known as Corvera Airport, have had more than their fair share of unbelievable bureaucratic cock ups to deal with as the new airport staggers towards a still undecided opening date of April 2013 or summer 2013 depending on which report you read.

Planned as long ago as 2006 and finally approved for construction a year later, the hopes were for one of the world’s most attractive and environmentally efficient airports to be completed by 2011.

Murcia San Javier Airport was known to be approaching capacity at the time the ideas for the new airport were first mooted and the plan allowed for the new airport to open before San Javier exceeded its capacity. The recession knocked passenger numbers to Spain, making the need for the new airport less urgent and giving the government and the EU an excuse not to fork out mega-money quite so quickly.

A new plan was hastily put together but badly represented to an impatient public who thought that it was simply inefficiency and poor budgeting that was to blame.  With further EU funds, the project was completed and now that test flights are also over, it’s simply getting the finishing touches sorted before the airport can open.
Corvera AirportOr so you’d think…

At the last minute, it’s been revealed that compensation has had to be paid to Murcia San Javier Airport, owned by the private company AENA, by the Murcian authorities, owners of Murcia International. An initial figure of 70m euros was offered but has still not been finally accepted with the chief negotiator saying that the negotiations haven’t closed yet!

Now, even closer than the last minute, NATO has stepped into the fray saying that San Javier can’t close because it’s still needed for the military in order to protect Europe from the threat of a nuclear attack. The military don’t want the expense of running the airport alone and so its closure as a commercial airport is now in doubt making the profitability and viability of Murcia International Airport doubtful too.

On top of this you have the disgruntled expat population moaning that the new airport is too far from their villas on the coast and doesn’t the government realise it’ll cost people an extra ten euros in petrol each time they visit Murcia.

That is probably the least of the airport’s worries at the moment. When, or possibly if, the airport opens in April, hopefully all the wrangling will be a distant memory and passengers travelling through Murcia International Airport will remain blissfully ignorant of the high farce that was the story of its inception. Of course when this does happen you will be able to get the cheapest car hire Corvera Airport has to offer with Rhino!
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