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Sparrow Hawks in Bristol - Guest Post

Sparrow Hawk in BristolHaving been plagued for some considerable time by grey squirrels and pigeons stealing all the ‘nice’ little birds food that I lay down in my rear garden it was with some pleasure and amazement when looking through the kitchen window that I saw a Sparrowhawk swoop down and seize a pigeon in its talons – Having pinned the pigeon to the ground this lovely wild bird then proceeded to remove the feathers before tucking in to a tasty and bloody meal by ripping the flesh from the pigeons body with its strong beak – As I was photographing through a window I opened the kitchen door in order to go outside for a clearer view but unfortunately I disturbed this beautiful bird which took off with the remaining carcass held securely in its powerful talons probably returning to its nest to feed its young.

These photos were taken with a ‘Fuji Finepix s3000 Digital Camera with telephoto setting – considering the photos were taken THROUGH a ‘not too clean’ window from about 30 feet away without a tripod and with the bird constantly on the move, I think the results are fairly impressive –  This is the sort of scene that you probably will only view once in a lifetime and it helps to put everything else in perspective!! – Have a nice day and keep your eyes open.
Sparrow Hawk Having Lunch

Sparrow Hawk

Kellie Hodge
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