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Pet travel between Cyprus and the UK

Bringing pets from country to country is a hassle and expensive to boot, so most pet owners try and avoid it. However, if you are a British national with pets who has decided to leave the miserable weather behind and start a new life in Cyprus then it may be unavoidable. Even if you have come to Cyprus with no pets and no intention of getting pets, chances are you might find yourself in this situation. This Mediterranean island has a big problem with stray animals and anyone with a good heart may find themselves wanting to help. Animal shelters in Cyprus are usually full up and even if they do take the animal they may just have it put down.

Having found a small kitten in the road last month we explored all the options before realising that we had to take him in if he was to survive. As it is winter and Scampi, as he is now known, had cat flu he probably would not have made it otherwise. Our biggest concern was pet travel between Cyprus and the UK as this can be tricky. Cyprus is part of The European Union and animals can travel freely between European Union member countries as long as they have a Pet Passport. These cost about 10 Euros to get and then are required to be filled in with certain things. This includes treatment for worms and ticks as well as vaccinations which cost 20 Euros each.

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Scampi Cat Cyprus

These must all be done well in advance of travelling (usually six months) and recorded by a vet in the pet passport. All countries require a rabies vaccination which costs about 30 Euros. However if you are travelling to another island in Europe such as Malta or the UK, then you may be required to get a blood test following the rabies vaccination to prove that the animal doesn't have the disease. Islands are obviously stricter about the conditions of letting animals in for fear of getting contaminated. The blood test is very pricey at 120 Euros so factor this into your calculations. Before the rabies vaccination the animal must be micro-chipped as well. This costs approximately 35 Euros.

IATA Pet Travel Container

The price of transporting an animal depends on which airline you use. Cyprus Airways, who are said to be very good at handling animals (they have to be good at something), charge 120 Euros for the animals' flight. You will also need an approved IATA animal transport box which costs about 40 Euros. This box needs to be a specified size with a tube sticking out which can be used to give the animal water. They are not allowed to eat for the whole duration of the flight, though this could be a blessing when it comes time to pick them up again! Visit www.defra.gov.uk/wildlife-pets/pets/travel/index.htm for more information.
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