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Fuel Shortages in France Threaten Holidays and Euro 2016

If you are planning a trip to France this half term, whether taking your own car or hiring a car in France, depending on your disposition, you may want to look away now or continue reading. Industrial action by the unions have blockaded 6 of the 8 oil refineries following the governments proposed labour reforms. This has led to over 20% of the countries 12,500 petrol stations at serious risk of running dry of both petrol (sans-plomb) and diesel.

France Fuel Shortage

The AA has reported that it is receiving an increased number of calls from UK motorists who have run out of fuel and require recovery from the roadside. Of course, our advice if hiring a car in France is to ensure you have enough fuel for your journey before you set off to avoid such recovery as resources here will be stretched also, so it could lead to a very long wait indeed.

Filling petrol cans is banned in some local authorities to stop people attempting to stock pile what little fuel is left and restrictions in place, however much like the 2012 fuel shortage in the UK, queues form quickly and stories of hour long waiting times are prevalent as panic spreads about which fuel stations will have any fuel left.

With the Euro 2016 Championships only weeks away, France is expecting an influx of visitors and a fuel shortage could spell disaster for those travelling between cities to follow their teams. It is reported that France has enough emergency supply to last 2 months, however with panic buying evident in many parts of France there is concern that if the blockades are not removed quickly, this supply could run out sooner.
Chloe Demaret
Posted: May 25, 2016 by Chloe Demaret
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