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Ryanair Plan World Domination - Well Europe at Least!

News announced today from Ryanair has declared their intention to operate 20% of European short haul flights by the year 2018. Whilst this is perfectly feasible given that other low cost flyers are cutting back on their routes, leaving the way open for Ryanair to take over their routes and do what they do best; offer a low cost yet profitable air service, there’s some tongue-in-cheek concern that Ryanair may be thinking about taking over the world.Ryanair

In the last month we’ve had the airline offering to help the Greek economy back onto its feet, whilst there’s also talk of the Irish carrier flying low cost to the US from only £10 one way.

Ryanair recently announced they are the biggest airline in Italy and Poland, knocking national carriers Alitalia and LOT into second place.

There’s a more sinister side to the company’s expansion plans and that includes accusations of riding roughshod over international laws and regulations and punishing countries, people and airports that don’t agree with its sometimes overbearing demands.

Some destinations have been crippled where Ryanair has pulled flights because of local restrictions or high landing charges. Airports have found themselves with almost no flights where the airline pulls routes, and needy travellers such as the disabled, have found necessary aid withdrawn because of cost.

The notorious story of the airline charging £1 to use the loo turned out to be nothing more than urban myth but consider other ‘passenger services’ as removing toilets to fit in more seats, having standing passengers on flights and effectively fining passengers for not checking themselves and luggage in online.

Add to that the complaints of Ryanair pilots over working practices and employment restrictions and regulations. Ryanair have simply said that there are plenty of pilots who would like to work for Ryanair and that anyone unhappy working for the airline is free to leave.

The airline also seems to dislike competition and has been ticked off for its personal attacks on other airlines whilst it undertakes an aggressive competitive stance against airlines which have been given permission to operate on its routes.

In the airline industry there are many who think that Ryanair overstepped the line some time ago but, where it counts; in passenger traffic, the airline has shown that few travellers are concerned with its tactics.

Of course, Ryan Air will try to sell you car hire via their car hire partner, Hertz, however they may advertise reduced prices, but we are confident that our much larger selection of cars still means you can get the cheapest car hire with Rhino!
Phil Partridge
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