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Why Stay at Home in the Rain?

Nothing encourages people to plan and book a holiday abroad more than poor weather in the UK and it seems that this ‘summer’ the British weather is doing all it can to help the travel industry.
Times are tough in the UK as well as in most of the world’s countries and in an economic downturn, holidays are one of the first things to be dropped in order for families to survive financially but, more interestingly, they are one of the most easily reinstated, usually when finances improve or when the weather worsens.  
Our annual two week break has always primarily been a chance to recharge and secondly a chance to see or do something new but many are finding that the time away is now needed to help them break out of the gloom that accompanies the daily fight to stay in employment and cope with mounting bills. However financially impractical a holiday is though, the counter argument is that people just can’t cope mentally without the chance to get away from it all. Poor weather in the home country exacerbates the problem, extending the SAD disorder that accompanies gloomy climatic conditions and makes families argue more successfully that they need a holiday. So what is the answer?
To those that say, financially, a holiday is out of the question, it can be argued that in tougher times, holidays are more readily discounted – it’s the old fashion supply and demand equation, and when few have the money to travel, holiday companies have to make their products more affordable to be able to sell them. So while cash may be tight, there’s probably no better time to get a cheap time abroad. Many extras considered to be holiday luxuries needn’t break the tight budget restrictions either and with car hire prices dropping against the long term average, that aspect is becoming cheaper in real terms. 
All inclusive holidays to the less exotic locations are also proving popular, for travellers then know exactly how much their holiday will cost, bar the price of a few postcards. You may not get variety but you’ll certainly get value for money. So, if the atrocious early summer weather continues - and there’s no sign of an improvement, this could yet be a good year for travel companies and for the savvy traveller.
Kellie Hodge
Posted: May 02, 2012 by Kellie Hodge 0 comments
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Travel writer, customer service guru, Kellie knows the ins and outs of car rental and always happy to share her knowledge on our blog. Favourite country to visit: Spain.

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